Kidney diseases -differential diagnosis-, DiaPat RenOM test

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RenOM test

Signs such as increased albumin/protein levels do not have to immediately indicate kidney disease. Rule out chronic kidney disease with our DiaPat® RenOM test. We detect the first changes in your kidney at an early stage. If the test is positive, we can distinguish between the most common 7 chronic kidney diseases. This saves you from a tissue examination (biopsy) of the kidney, a medical procedure that has to be performed as an inpatient. In some cases, a kidney biopsy is too dangerous: for example, if you have an increased tendency to bleed, severe high blood pressure, or if you only have one kidney left. In addition, the risk of a biopsy increases if you are very overweight.

  • Early detection of chronic kidney disease
  • Distinguish between the most common kidney diseases
  • Take a urine sample at home - simple + discreet
  • CE-compliant laboratory diagnostics
  • High analytical accuracy
  • Clinically tested
  • Result within 2-3 working days after sample receipt