Prevention corona course, DiaPat CoV-50 test

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CoV-50 test

The covid-19 disease leads to a severe course in one in five patients. Such a severe (possibly fatal) course can only be prevented in the early stages of the infection, as treatments (e.g. with monoclonal antibodies) are only effective then. The dangerous thing: At this stage, you usually do not yet have any symptoms and you will only receive treatment if you are threatened with a severe course. To prevent the severe Covid-19 course, take the DiaPat® CoV-50 test. In this way, you can determine the severity of your course and take advantage of the opportunity to start treatment in time.

  • Early detection of severe Covid-19 progression
  • Take a urine sample at home - simple + discreet
  • CE-compliant laboratory diagnostics
  • High analytical accuracy
  • Clinically tested
  • Result within one working day after sample receipt