Screening for recurrent bladder cancer, DiaPat BCa-FollowUP test

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BCa-FollowUP test

In the early stages of bladder cancer, i.e. when the tumor is confined to the surface of the inner bladder wall, treatment is possible while preserving the bladder. After such bladder cancer treatment, cancer may come back in 70% of patients. To check this, 3-monthly follow-up examinations with cystoscopy are usually carried out. The DiaPat® BCa-FollowUP test avoids these unpleasant and risky cystoscopies.

  • Early detection of recurrent bladder cancer
  • Take urine sample at home - simple + discreet
  • CE-compliant laboratory diagnostics
  • High analytical accuracy
  • Clinically proven
  • Result within 2-3 working days after sample receipt