Diabetes status, DiaPat DN-PROteom test + DiaPat KardiOM test

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Diabetes Status

Diabetics have a threefold increased risk of sudden cardiac death and about one third are at risk of kidney disease. That is why it is so important to know the risk of these diabetes complications as early as possible.

The routine "check-up" at the family doctor/diabetologist often comes too late because only already advanced diseases can be diagnosed. For example, the routine test will not show altered protein levels until your kidneys are already irreparably damaged. Similarly, tests for atherosclerosis in heart failure are only carried out when there is a concrete suspicion of the disease. However, often the disease is already present.

The perfect diabetes management: Detect kidney and cardiovascular diseases 2-5 years before diagnosis with the DiaPat® Diabetes status test!

The DiaPat® Diabetes status test consists of:

  • DiaPat® DN-PROteom test for early detection of diabetic kidney disease and
  • DiaPat® KardiOM test for early detection of increased risk of heart attack due to arteriosclerosis or heart failure.

Only by a timely diagnosis can you decisively improve the success of a therapy and avoid both kidney and cardiovascular diseases.

  • Early detection of diabetes complications
  • Take a urine sample at home - simple + discreet
  • CE-compliant laboratory diagnostics
  • High analytical accuracy
  • Clinically proven
  • Result within 2-3 working days after sample receipt